Take inventory of your privacy.

We help high-risk individuals get on top of their digital presence.

Get deep insights into your online presence with exo. exo is for high-risk individuals in a time crunch, those who have goals for the future and want to exceed their digital privacy goals.

How we help

We help you to refine and maintain your privacy so you can uphold your safety and reputation.

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Use cases

Digital presence insights. For any use case.

Whether you're working in a high-confidentiality role, in a high-risk sector, or are generally concerned about your personal privacy - we can help. We can also jump in to help during if you face a hurdle when trying to get on top of your privacy yourself. Have a read of some of our case studies to see how we can help - or reach out if you have a particularly unique problem for us to solve.

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Digital Presence Audits

Get insights into the personal information out there about you, and how that affects your privacy.

After defining your objectives (why you want to get on top of your privacy), we conduct a Digital Presence Audit. The audit will find what information is out in the public sphere about you, on what platforms, when it was published, and how it may impact your privacy - in light of your goals.

After compiling and collating the information from your audit, we will provide you with a privacy rating, and provide contextual and actionable recommendations into how you can boost and maintain your privacy rating.

From insights to action.

Receiving the insights into the status and scores of your personal privacy is one thing, and acting on our recommendations is another. We know the information we're dealing with can be daunting, but we're here to help. We'll walk with you through your privacy journey step-by-step.


Build & maintain operational security.

Operational security ensures that your information does not get into the wrong hands. Once you are on top of your personal privacy, you have to make sure that previous actions are not repeated. After implementing our recommendations, we'll work with you to devise realistic strategies to ensure they stick going forward.

If our strategies need revising; or, if at any time you want to check-in with us to see whether you're on the right track - we're here to help.